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Physical Therapy Amarillo TX

Optimal Physical Therapy Solutions is a therapist owned clinic located in Amarillo, Texas. Our staff is dedicated to achieving the best possible rehabilitation for every one of our physical therapy patients. We have a convenient clinic location and convenient office hours. We accept most major insurance plans and credit cards for any co-pays or out of pocket expenses. We are truly committed to providing a great physical therapy experience for every one of our patients.

Physical Therapist Amarillo TX

Our physical therapists will utilize a hands-on approach to guide you through a program that is customized for your particular condition. With our one-on-one approach it is easy for our therapists to provide the best possible care as you move through therapy at your own pace. We believe that our approach means a more pleasant experience during your entire physical therapy service.

Whether you have a minor sprain from your favorite sport, a serious work injury, an accident related injury, or physical problems caused by age, disease or other natural conditions our physical therapists are here to help restore you to the best possible condition. We routinely treat occupational injuries, sports injuries, orthopedic disabilities, and general life ailments.

Call us or contact us online to schedule an appointment to meet with a physical therapist for your physical therapy in Amarillo, Texas.

Member of the Texas Physical Therapy Association

Member of the American Physical Therapy Association

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